Overall Record: 5-7-6

Date   Opponent Time Location/Results
6th Sat vs Memphis 4:15 W 7-1
19th Fri @ Kennesaw State 10:00pm T  6-6
20th Sat @ Kennesaw State 10:00pm L  5-2
26th Fri @ Oakland University (North/South Showdown) 9:30pm L 2-1
27th Sat @ University of Miami (North/South Showdown) 2:00pm T 4-4
27th Sat @ RMU (North/South Showdown) 9:30pm T 3-3
10th Fri vs South Carolina 9:15pm W 3-1
11th Sat vs South Carolina 4:15pm T 4-4
20th Mon vs Arkansas 9:30pm L 8-2
21st Tue vs Arkansas 10:15am L 3-1
7th Fri @ Auburn CANCELLED W
8th Sat @ Auburn CANCELLED W
14th Fri vs Georgia Tech 7:30pm W 6-3
15th Sat vs Georgia Tech 7:30pm W 4-3
16th Sun vs Vanderbilt 1:00pm W 6-5
21st Fri @ South Carolina (Thanksgiving Showcase) 5:00pm T 3-3
22nd Sat @ FGCU (Thanksgiving Showcase) 7:45pm L 6-3
23rd Sun @ Central Florida (Thanksgiving Showcase) 12:00pm L 6-1
5th Fri @ MO State 9:45pm OTL 5-4
6th Sat @ MO State 3:00pm L 6-2
15th Thu vs Mississippi State 7:30pm W 7-2
16th Fri vs Memphis 6:00pm W 9-2
17th Sat vs LSU 9:00pm W 17-1
18th Sun vs Mississippi State 7:30pm W 12-2
23rd Fri @ Alabama 8:00pm SOW 4-3
24th Sat @ Alabama 7:00pm L 5-3
30th Fri @ Liberty 9:00pm W
31st Sat @ Liberty 6:00pm
6th Fri @ SECHC Tournament – South Carolina 6:00pm OTL 3-2
7th Sat @ SECHC Tournament 1:00pm W 7-2
8th Sun @ SECHC Tournament TBA Pelham, AL
20th Fri @ Regionals – Christopher Newport 2:00pm W 3-2
21st Sat @ Regionals – South Florida 12:00pm W 5-3
10th Tue @ Nationals – Oakland University – Nationals 1:00pm Pelham, AL
11th Wed @ Nationals – Cal. U of Pennsylvania – Nationals 10:00am Pelham, AL
12th Thu @ Nationals – Metro State of Denver – Nationals 1:30pm Pelham, AL
13th Fri @ D3 National Tournament TBA Pelham, AL
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